Not the obvious but the unexpected generates success.

The Yellow Advertising Agency AG helps companies and brands become and remain successful: by questioning tried and tested procedures and opinions and taking new approaches. For this, we develop strategies and solutions and apply targeted measures to reach our goal, which is our clients’ success.

Our approach.

Different points of view increase the chance of success.

We at Yellow have the ambition to support our clients on their road to success. Therefore, we feel free to challenge established, obvious, and predefined solutions: Because we are convinced that by doing so, we create the greatest added value for our clients. By viewing the client’s concern from the outside, the situation appears in a different context. That way, we can draw different conclusions and develop new solutions that were not visible to the client when doing their own analysis. When putting measures into practice, the focus is always on the idea. It is the most important resource for success – regardless of specific channels and technologies.

We at Yellow Advertising Agency AG use the double diamond process in order to provide efficient yet also well-founded solutions to our clients. First, we analyze the problem from different angles and then define what the core of the problem is. Then, we develop ideas which we later combine into the finished solution.

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Asking questions beforehand means having more convincing answers afterwards.

Our society relies on successful businesses. That is why Yellow helps companies and brands be and remain successful on a longterm basis. We love to be colorful, inventive and honest. We question the obvious and are proud of our independence. We use our agility to make sure our organization, our know-how, and our offerings meet today’s needs and even exceed them.

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At Yellow, talents, not functions are crucial for the success of a solution.

Our employees have many and different talents. Meet the people behind the Yellow Advertising Agency AG.


Solid work paves the way to groundbreaking solutions.

  • Strategy.

    A well-thought-out strategy is the basis for success. It is developed from a thorough scrutiny of the matter taking the context of its environment into account. To do so, the Yellow Advertising Agency AG uses cutting-edge analysis techniques in which the point of view and the opinion of users play a central role. With the help of the insights gained from our research we define the framework within which we create solutions.

  • Branding.

    Powerful brands provide security and orientation; they retain customers and increase the value of a company. They achieve this goal by telling a convincing story. A tried and true method is needed to develop this story, to enact it in a convincing manner, and to make it fit for all possible stages. This could for example be the brand principle of Yellow. It is developed by pragmatists, refined over the years to suit new developments, and provides guidance through the process in a solutions-oriented way.

  • Advertising.

    The world out there is loud and confusing. If you want the attention you deserve, you have to come up with a powerful idea. An idea that is potentially powerful enough to convince your target public at each contact point. On the basis of a strategy we decide which channels to use and develop messages matched to the specific medium. That is how Yellow connects information with people who have specific needs and requirements.

  • Digital.

    Digital formats have become significantly more important in all areas of communication. The variety of possibilities for using digital channels or digital products to solve sales, marketing or internal and external communication challenges is endless. However, the efficient use of these instruments requires the same methods as analogue solutions: a strong brand understanding, a solution-oriented mindset and a highly skilled team. At Yellow Werbeagentur AG, we have all the ingredients.

  • Corporate Communications.

    Content is the order of the day. In order to be successful, it needs to be direct, honest and understandable. If you convey brand and company values through appealing stories, brand awareness and customer loyalty increases. The team of Yellow Advertising Agency AG is made up of digital natives, classical strategists, and passionate storytellers. They create concepts for financial, corporate, and in-house employee communications which are effective on all channels.

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A new start – built on strong roots.

Yellow is new. Nevertheless, it can look back on a long history. The advertising agency came into being through a merger between BSSM Werbeagentur AG and WS Kommunikation AG. Both agencies have existed for several decades. WS was founded in 1978, BSSM in 1994. Over the years they broadened the range of services they offer and attained a successful position in the advertising industry serving regional, national, and international clients. Yellow combines the entire professional knowledge ranging from strategy to programming as well as a wealth of industry know-how under one roof.


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