Our motivation is
the success of your brand.

Yellow is a strategic creative agency. We empower brands and businesses to be and to remain at the cutting edge of success. By combining our widely proven approach from an outsider's perspective with our many years of expertise in branding, advertising and communication, we create impactful strategies and effective solutions.

What can Yellow do for me?

Our approach

Different perspectives improve the chances for success.

We don’t have a black box of prepackaged answers. We start by listening to you. We apply our practiced outsider’s perspective to your company, your products and your ambitions in your market. This approach leads us to new insights about how to achieve your goals. Fresh ideas are Yellow’s greatest value added for its clients.

For example, looking at the goal of growing market share, we take the consumer’s perspective and often discover that the manufacturer and the end-user see things quite differently. We use the insights gathered at this step to develop growth strategies that clients themselves might not have considered. The core ideas from our initial analysis always remain at the center of our actions regardless of the channels and technologies we use for the solutions we propose. We keep the company on message, always.

We Like - a guided process to success.

To ensure clients benefit from effective yet substantial solutions, we at Yellow Werbeagentur AG use our unique LIKE process. In the first part, we examine the given situation from different angles and define the true nature of the problem. In the second part, we create ideas, which we then transform into ready-to-use and implemented solutions.

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Our clients’ success is the only performance metric we care about.

Yellow doesn’t pursue creativity as an end in itself. We don’t strive to show how clever we are. We use our talents and experience to secure or expand the success of our clients. In our opinion, success leads to independence which is the most precious asset, and therefore we have specified its impact on our behavior and actions in a manifesto.

We view ourselves as complementary to our clients’ goals. That’s why our name is Yellow but our own corporate identity uses purple, which is, of course, yellow’s complementary color.

Thus, our role as an executing supplier is less suited to us. Only in the function as a strategically and creatively assigned partner our customers benefit from our full potential. This enables them to gain the necessary edge in the market and to enjoy the real purpose of our work: more success.

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Roles really get a project going.

Yellow’s team of individuals is organized around roles rather than conventional functions and hierarchies. This approach has important advantages. Tasks are not assigned according to abstract functional definitions. Instead, they go to the people with the relevant talents and experience to fulfil a given role. Of course, some roles require specific skills, but many challenges that arise in the course of a project are a question of energy and motivation. Accordingly, Yellow team members can take on multiple roles.

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Added value

How businesses benefit from our philosophy.

We are ready to put our talents to use to help you meet your challenges. You’ll find us a motivated partner. To ensure the greatest benefit from our services, we recommend meeting for an initial briefing, for two reasons. First, the people who later will form the team can get to know each other early. Second, the current situation and the targets for the future can be usefully laid out in the first briefing. This initial meeting lays the foundation for a sustainable, successful partnership. Pitches that require to implement client-defined solutions are clearly less effective, in our view, simply because there is no opportunity to develop a solid foundation to achieve long-term success.

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At Yellow, talents, not functions are crucial for the success of a solution.

At Yellow, talents – not functions – are crucial for the success of a project. Our people offer a deep and very broad range of talents and experience. Meet us and see for yourself.


Solid work paves the way to groundbreaking solutions.

  • Strategy.

    We are convinced that a well-thought-out strategy is the basis for success. It evolves from a thorough scrutiny of current circumstance and future ambitions. For its analysis, Yellow uses practice-honed techniques taking the perspectives of all stakeholders into account. With the insights gained from our analysis, we define the framework for the solutions we then create.

  • Branding.

    Powerful brands give consumer a welcome sense of security and an important point of orientation. They help to retain customers and increase a company’s perceived value. To do all this, brands must tell a convincing story, and this story should work in a range of contexts. Yellow’s own brand is a good example of these principles. It was formulated by pragmatists and refined and fine-tuned over the years. But it still provides our clients with essential guidance to the processes and the approach we use.

  • Advertising.

    In today’s world of noise and distraction, to win your fair share of attention, you have to come up with a powerful idea. An idea compelling enough to convince your target public to take a look, or a listen, to your message. Based on the unique strategy we develop for each client, we select the channels to efficiently spread that message, always closely matched to the specific medium we use. That’s how Yellow connects the people you want to reach with the information you want them to have.

  • Digital.

    Digital channels are vital today in all areas of communication. The possibilities for using digital tools to meet sales, marketing or internal and external communication challenges are virtually unlimited. However, the efficient use of these instruments still must meet the same criteria that guide analog solutions: a strong brand, a solutions-oriented mindset and a highly skilled team. At Yellow, we have all the ingredients and more.

  • Corporate Communications.

    Content is the buzzword of the day. In order to be successful, what we say needs to be direct, honest and understandable. If brand and company values are conveyed through appealing stories, brand awareness and customer loyalty increase. The team of Yellow is made up of digital natives, classical strategists and passionate storytellers. They create concepts for internal and external communications programs that are effective, credible and brand-enhancing.

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