Manifesto of independence.

Independence is the highest good. In private and in business. It means freedom to move, autonomy, sovereignty, equality of opportunity and free play. Independence is yellow, the DNA of Yellow. It gives us the air for lateral thinking, for questioning the status quo and for combining existing things into something new. Yellow means independence. And we are Yellow.

  • We do not just approach other opinions, lifestyles or management philosophies with openness and respect. We are interested in them. Because knowing other views broadens our horizon and thus our reservoir of ideas and possibilities. We expect the same from our counterpart, which is why we always meet at eye level.

  • For us, content is everything that counts. And because titles and functions represent hierarchical organisations and are empty shells, we do without them. We rely on the talents that we all contribute and give them roles that are tailormade for us. Diversity is key to truly new solutions. That’s why we team up and use the strength of the gang.

  • “It has always been like this” has brought our customers to the point at which they decide to ask for our support. We would therefore be of no help if our solution were an existing one. Only by analysing, by drawing our own conclusions, by connecting things in a new way and by looking for new ways, we are an added value to our customers.

  • Work takes place where the best results are achieved. Not where Yellow has its official business location. The agency remains our common hub, where we find space for discussions and social exchange. Where we work depends on which other talents and roles can provide valuable input for the upcoming project step, which infrastructure supports efficient working and where we feel most comfortable.

  • No one else knows more about a project than the team working on it. Similarly, the team members themselves know best what, when and how is needed. Logically, therefore, the responsibility for a project lies entirely with the team and the planning of its capacities with each individual.

  • The solution of a task is always at the centre of our efforts. And to this end we use all the creativity, curiosity and individuality in our teams. In the search for the solution, we do not let ourselves be limited by whether we implement the measures in-house or cooperate with external specialists.