Glossary of roles.

The tasks demanded by a project can be very diverse. In addition to professional qualifications, analytical skills, numerical flair, organizational talent, a love of communication and even empathy are often required. These soft skills are different with each person. Yellow takes this fact into account with its flexible organizational model. Each team member can take on the appropriate roles in addition to those indicated by their specific professional qualifications.


Represents the interests of the client if the client is not present and provides the team with information about the company, products, markets, customers, etc.


Responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of a project. Also makes sure that deadlines are met.


Manages the client’s account to ensure transparent and timely billing, keeping all parties sane and, hopefully, even happy.


Leads the conversations and team discussions on a project.

Devil’s advocate

Questions the assumptions and arguments of team members, thus ensuring the widest possible range of considerations are addressed.


Defines strategies and draws the map to achieve the solutions, based on the information provided by the Ambassador.


Develops the concepts along the defined lines to achieve the agreed goal.


Assures that strategies and concepts can fully exploit the opportunities of digital channels.


The hands-on competence on the team design and implements the digital products.


Formulates the ideas, writes the arguments for possible solutions and develops the texts needed to implement the selected measures.


Implement the concepts concretely and with a flair style and design.


Applies the finishing touch to design products to create the optimal template for their production.


Monitors the technical feasibility of a solution right from the start, purchases necessary services externally and ensures quality throughout.